The Society

Creating The Knowledge Sharting Culture

CEO Milutin Gavrilovic

The Goal

To encourage people to work together more effectively, to collaborate and to share – ultimately to make knowledge more productive. To break down the poverty line and help people seeing the world in a knowledgeable way without boundaries. To create better people by educating them with skills for the most wanted positions.


Problem and resolution

We are working with donors and pro bono computer staff (computer skills, applied mathematics in computer science, programming, system administration, server administration, …). We are certified by the Electrotechnical University of Belgrade where all of us have a routine practical knowledge.

Business summary

The poor parts of society cannot afford the IT education. The solution would be to offer long term plan of social integration through applied IT knowledge.

Products and services

We are offering free and paid services (web services, web applications, web sites, networking infrastructure, system administration, and server administration …).


PR, advertising campaigns, debates, “Meetups”, and training sessions. Education through hands-on work: via the Internet: online courses and support in real time…


Global strong competition (e-learning, e-books, codacademy, udemy …). Our advantage is to satisfy the localizations and their needs. For the 2016. we are ready to projecting road map of edu-campuses through various localisations with mobile office accompanied by the unique media coverage.